Megan Showalter worked for Stem Cell Partners from 2011 until she graduated from Sac State in 2013. Megan went to UC Davis and received her PhD. in Biochemistry, Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology in Oliver Fiehn's lab studying metabolomics. Now working in Oliver Fiehn's lab as a Post Doctoral Scholar, Megan is the lab's lead expert on cancer and stem cell metabolism, working on a diverse range of projects and analytical methods. Megan got her job as the lab manager for John from connections from Jan Nolta's lab. She really won John over because she is one of the few people outside of Texas to have been to Borger, TX.  



 Manmeet K. Singh started as a student intern in the Chapman Lab (2012) and transitioned into Project Manager at Stem Cell Partners (2013). As Project Manager, Manmeet was involved in all the projects; however, her primary focus was the characterization and optimization of the Autologous Thrombin Device. She graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in Cell and Molecular Biology Fall of 2016. She is currently working in the field of cancer immunology at Genentech. Assisting in multiple projects which includes characterizations of neoantigens for personalized cancer immunotherapy, and knockouts of ERAAP to target the effects of particular peptides of different lengths in the MHC Class I pathway.These are all in preparations for her pursuing a career in medicine.  



 Kayla Horton Sparks was with Stem Cell Partners from 2011 - 2015. She was the lab manager from 2013- 2015 and she enjoyed every moment being apart of a company that is creative, innovative and experienced in keeping the bench close to the bedside. During that time she graduated from Sacramento State with a Bachelors in Cell and Molecular Biology and finished a Masters in Stem Cell Research through the California Institute Regenerative Medicine partnership with CSUS and UC Davis. She is now a doctoral candidate of Pharmacology and Toxicology at UC Davis working on a neural precursor cell treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorders in the Martínez Cerdeño laboratory. She is certified and experienced in culturing and therapeutic work with mesenchymal, embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells. She is also apart of the UC Davis biotechnology designated emphasis which is further preparing her for work in industry following the completion of her PhD (anticipated in 2020).