Do you perform stem cell procedures for the public?

 No. While we do work with stem cells in the lab, they are provided directly from medical companies. We do not use the publics cells for labratory work, or perform surgeries to enhance wound healing. Our primary objective is to delvelop lab equiptment for the doctors who intend to perform the surgeries. 

What is it that you do?

 We create inventions and then partner with leading healthcare companies to complete the commercialization of the idea. 

Who do you partner with and why?

 We named our company Stem Cell Partners because of the enormous potential of our body’s stem cells to improve wound healing and because the job of changing health care requires a collaborative effort between physicians, companies and regulatory agencies. 

What is "Wound Healing"?

 Our focus is on wound healing and helping patients replace damaged body parts after an accident or a disease occurs with new tissue that reduces pain and restores normal function to the body. 

Where do you get your stem cells?

 The most important tissues in the body that we work with are the patient’s blood, bone marrow and adipose (fat) tissue. There is enormous potential in each of these tissues that can be purified,activated and then applied to a site of an injury or disease to provide new tissue and reduce pain. The use of a patient’s own tissues to promote healing is the emerging field called regenerative medicine. To achieve the purification and activation of the blood, bone marrow and adipose tissues, physician’s use specialized medical devices that we invent and commercialize with leading healthcare companies as our partners. 

Is Sacramento State the only college you will accept students from?

 No! We accept ambitious students from all colleges, living in the Sacramento area. 


How often do you hire student interns?

 Anytime! College students interested in working here should contact our founder by email, found on the contact page.